A young translator from a small Haitian city considers his future. 

Should he stay in the community where he grew up,

or join the exodus abroad in search of other opportunities?

Saint-Marc is a small city tucked into the western coastline of Haiti. It’s bright, hot; the sun reaches everywhere. Everyone seems to spend their days outside, selling jeans and kites on the street, calling out to passing friends, working through daily challenges. It's a peaceful city—everyone knows each other.

But things aren’t easy.

Roads are unfinished; trash burns in vacant lots. On a good day, the city operates on four hours of electricity.

Dodo, an entrepreneurial young translator, considers his next move. The lack of infrastructure makes working or building a business here difficult, and many of Dodo’s friends are leaving Haiti for better work opportunities and a more comfortable life elsewhere.

But Dodo feels drawn to stay in Saint-Marc. He feels a connection to the Haiti he's come to know: the failures of the state to address the needs of its citizens; the attempts by outsiders to influence the direction of the country; the beauty and history and idiosyncrasy animating every place he's been.


As he discovers hidden places in Saint-Marc and throughout the countryside, Dodo reflects on the past and imagines what the future could look like for himself and for the city he loves.


Clay Thomas

Director, Producer


Annie Huntington 

Director, DP, Editor


Clay Thomas was born in New Jersey, and has lived a bunch of spots: Horten, Philadelphia, Santa Clara, Charlotte, Chapel Hill, Seoul, Chattanooga. He’s had a bunch of jobs: pressure washer, painter, waiter, teacher, translator, producer, import/export-er, ‘media guy’. This is the first time he’s ever tried directing something.

After a teenhood spent prowling eBay for expired film on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Annie studied English and fell in with advertising, where she's been shooting and editing doc-style shorts for clients like Disney, Nike, Crayola, and Office Depot. She lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is delighted to find the word "y'all" coming more naturally to her day by day.




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New Orleans Film Festival

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